Circle D Farm was purchased by the Dowd Family in 1953 as a Dairy farm. The family continued to maintain the herd of over a hundred cows and milking operation for many years. In 1979, the Day Camp was started utilizing the barn, milking parlor, and other buildings, while the remainder of the farm was used for crop production. Over the years, the camp continued to grow; and tennis courts, in-ground pool, baseball field, and other amenities were added. In 1980 the Dowd family answered the many requests to use the Day Camp facility for company picnics. Since then the farm has continued to expand and now offers a summer camp, indoor and outdoor tennis facility, picnic grounds, Lounge with bar for smaller parties, indoor/outdoor ceremony location, and a full service banquet room. Circle D Farm is proud to provide our community with plenty of recreation and entertainment in our beautiful country setting.

Circle D Farm is still owned and operated by the Dowd Family. Aside from offering the day camp, catering venues, and tennis facilities, it is still activly farmed. Circle D Farm is in agricultual preservation. The 3 generations of the Dowd family intend on keeping the same beautiful landscape you will find today for years to come!