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Celebrating 42 years of Memories

At Circle D Farm Summer Day Camp we strive to provide our campers with a philosophy in action that will enable them to encompass values learned here for their entire lives, reaching out to others through team sports, fun and shared experiences. The thrill of new knowledge, the enjoyment of being physically fit, the excitement of new and lasting friendships all add up to a memorable experience that each camper will treasure for years to come.

Circle D Farm was purchased by the Dowd family in 1953 and operated as a dairy farm. In 1979, the Summer Day Camp started, with the remainder of the farm used for cropland and pasture. Starting in 1980, the Dowd’s opened their Day Camp facilities for corporate picnics and catered events, as well as a private tennis club with a full-service banquet room and lounge. Circle D provides our growing community with the best in recreation, entertainment and fun in a safe and secure environment, all located in the beautiful countryside.

Camp Information

We will publish our 2022 Camp dates next spring. The 2021 camp dates were  June 21st – August 6th

Each session starts on Monday. Campers can join us for fun any of the weeks for camp. Regular day camp hours are 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Extended Day Program is offered at camp from 7:00 am – 9:00 am as well as 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm daily.


2021 Rates

Single Camper $330.00 per week

Family Plan ** Family plan applies to children from the same family sending two or more children to camp the same week(s)

1st child – $330.00 per week

Each additional child – $290.00 per week

A $50.00 deposit is required for each session.  The $50.00 deposit is non-refundable 14 days before the start of that session.

Cookout lunch on Thursdays, milk at lunch, and all other camp activities are covered in the cost of tuition. We will notify you when a T-shirt or other item will need to be provided when campers do Tye-Dye at arts and crafts.

A one-time, non-refundable registration fee of $50.00 is required with each camper’s application. This $50.00 fee is in addition to the weekly tuition fee. This fee covers the cost of a camp T-shirt, which each camper receives on the first day they attend camp, online registration and other administrative tasks. All camper registrations at Circle D Farm must be approved by the Camp Directors.


Tuition payments should be made on the Camp Doc website.

Camp tuition has been considered day care in the past. Please check with your tax advisor.

Federal Tax I.D. # 52-1143442

Activities- outdoor fun for everyone!!

Age-appropriate activities are scheduled for campers’ base on their skill level. All activities take place right here on the farm so no time is wasted traveling to different locations.

TEAM SPORTS such as softball, basketball, soccer, kickball, lacrosse, floor hockey, and other games are an integral part of our program. Our emphasis is on acquiring new skills, fun, friends, and learning sportsmanship.

SWIMMING takes place in our 1,200 sq. ft. pool complete with bathhouse. All campers participate in a swimming test on their first day of camp. Children that are less confident in their ability are kept in the shallow-end (3′) that is under the lifeguards’ supervision. Free swims are a favorite part of our daily camp schedule! Certified lifeguards are on duty for all pool activities. Campers visit the pool twice daily and need to bring a swimsuit and towel for the pool each day. Please write your child’s name on their towel and swimsuit so it can be found easily in the vortex of lost and found. Please send a note with the camper if he/she is not to swim on any particular day.

HORSE & TACK sessions are provided for all age levels at least twice a week. Every camper has an opportunity to ride. Basic skills are presented, and riding in the ring under experienced supervision is included at no additional cost. The horseback riding activity is a glorified pony ride, not riding lessons. The campers also have the opportunity to groom the horses. This is a great opportunity for campers who have never been exposed to a horse before. Horse sessions are scheduled a couple of times throughout the week for the campers.

MINIATURE GOLF at Circle D.  A six-hole miniature golf course is available for campers to enjoy.

ARTS & CRAFTS are fun for campers of all ages. This program is scheduled a couple of times per week.


Circle D Farm employs a dedicated staff of experienced young adults with a wide variety of academic backgrounds. We choose individuals who enjoy working with kids in a camp environment. We use qualified, carefully screened college-age counselors; many have been past campers or counselors. Our camp directors, who reside at the camp, work along with the counselors to plan and carry out a fun-filled day of activities.  Staff and counselors are trained in CPR, first aid & use of AEDs. Background checks are completed on all staff by MD State Police and the FBI. Two certified lifeguards are on duty at the pool at all times.

Circle D Farm is regulated and licensed by the Maryland State Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and fully meets or exceeds all camp certification requirements keeping safety, security, and fun of our campers as our priority.

Clothing & Equipment

Campers should wear washable play clothes, marked with their names, and sturdy shoes that tie, Velcro or buckle (NO heelies, flip flops, or sandals). Towels, bathing suits, sunscreen, and water bottles are required each day. A labeled brown-bagged lunch is required each day, except for Thursdays. A lost and found basket is provided for campers. Please don’t send your child with irreplaceable, favorite items of clothing. Plenty of stations are positioned throughout the camp.

We prefer that you do not send your child with any electronics, including cell phones.

Campers and Counselors follow a  schedule. Each day is a different day.

MONDAY – Camper arrives at camp with lunch, swimsuit (can be worn under clothes to camp), towel, sunscreen, and a water bottle with the camper’s name. Lunches should be marked with the child’s name (NO large lunch boxes please-due to space limitations). 

TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY – Same as Monday

THURSDAY – Not necessary to bring a brown paper bag lunch. Circle D will host a cookout for the campers. Cookout includes hotdogs and hamburgers along with chips. Of course, we can prepare vegetarian burgers or other dietary menu items. Update-currently, we can not have visitors for cookouts.

FRIDAY – Contest Day! We will notify families describing the contest for the week such as Halloween Day, T-shirt Day, and Hat contest, etc.

Lunches are kept in a refrigerated walk-in. There are no provisions on the premises for food preparation except Thursday cookouts. Sodas and snacks can be purchased during lunch each day at our snack bar. 2% milk is provided daily at lunch for FREE. Water is available at water stations all day long!

Please let Circle D Farm know if we need to prepare a veggie burger or other special requests for the cookout.

Please send your camper with a disposable lunch bag with their name. Large lunch boxes will take up precious walk-in space.

Circle D Farm provides an “allergy table” at lunch. If your child can not be around certain food items, Circle D Farm has a designated table where these campers can eat with the peace of mind knowing the food items they are allergic to will not be at this table.

Every day, the snack bar sells Coke Products, including Pink Lemonade, for $0.25, variety of UTZ chips for $0.50, and ice cream sandwiches on Thursday and Fridays for $0.50. No need to send more than a $1.00 to camp. A great idea is to put snack bar money in their lunch bag. This way snack bar money can not get lost until lunch time.

“No man is an Island”

At Circle D Farm Summer Day Camp we strive to provide our campers with a philosophy in action that will enable them to encompass values learned here for their entire lives, reaching out to others through team sports, fun and shared experiences. The thrill of new knowledge, the enjoyment of being physically fit, the excitement of new and lasting friendships all add up to a memorable experience that each camper will treasure for years to come.


Circle D Farm is a part of a 150-acre farm in the hills of western Howard County, Maryland. The camp consists of a large pavilion, swimming pool, tennis courts, basketball courts, and a mini-golf course. Campers enjoy swimming twice daily in out 1,200 square foot pool with a bathhouse. Also located on the grounds is an old barn with a milk house, now used for art and crafts. Ballfields, shaded areas, horseback riding ring, tack room, as well as 40 acres of woods with trails and creeks throughout the camp property.



Circle D Farm was purchased by the Dowd family in 1953 and operated as a dairy farm. In 1979, the Summer Day Camp started, with the remainder of the farm used for cropland and pasture. Starting in 1980, the Dowd’s opened their Day Camp facilities for corporate picnics and catered events, as well as a private tennis club with a full-service banquet room and lounge. Circle D provides our growing community the best in recreation, entertainment and fun in a safe and secure environment, all located in the beautiful countryside.

Below are our Covid policies from last season. Until the State of Maryland and CDC update or change their guidelines/restrictions we will not know exactly what our new policies will look like. If nothing changes we will use last years blueprint.


     We are excited to be able to offer your child the opportunity to get some much needed exercise and social interaction this summer here at Circle D Farm Summer Day Camp.  This is obviously going to be a much different experience than it has been in years past. We are monitoring all the guidelines from the CDC and the State to try and be compliant and keep your child safe.  Here is what you can expect when your child is at Circle D Farm. 


            While we will do everything we can to ensure sick children don’t come to camp, clean all surfaces and equipment, maintain social distancing and wear masks when possible, it is possible a child my contract Covid19 through an asymptomatic person or other method. This is something we will do everything we can to try and prevent. If your child is in a high-risk group, you will need to get written permission from their primary health care provider to attend camp. According to the CDC this includes children with: chronic lung disease, severe asthma, serious heart conditions, immunocomprimised, severe obesity, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, and liver disease. The State may be releasing a form that we can use but we haven’t received anything yet.  If your child lives out of the State of Maryland they cannot attend Camp here in Maryland. We apologize for the extra steps and restrictions but we are complying with State Regulations.


Sickness at Camp


            If a child or staff member becomes sick at camp they will be sent home. We will contact the County Health Department and follow their guidance. If your child has a tendency to be home sick, please be prepared to come and pick up your child if they become symptomatic or feel ill during the day. Please make sure all of the phone numbers listed in your profile on are correct. We do not want to delay contacting someone because of incorrect information. Please ensure you have signed up all the phone numbers for text message alerts. We also have the ability to send text messages with general and important information if needed.


Drop Off        


            With the social distancing guidelines in place it is impossible to make bus transportation work this year. Everyone is going to have to pick-up and drop-off their child. We will have a loop similar to what is used at Elementary Schools with one entrance and one exit. We will have plenty of signs and traffic cones to indicate where to enter, exit and drop off your child.  Follow the loop to the white tent in the parking lot where we normally have drop off. You and your child will stay in your vehicle while a staff member asks a few mandatory questions and checks the child’s temperature with a non-contact thermometer. Once the questions are answered and temperature is recorded your child can leave the vehicle and head up the hill to sit with their group. The State guidelines read “Staff, children and parents shall wear face coverings when campers are arriving and leaving. “ We ask for your patience and compliance as we work through the drop off process. You can start dropping your child off at 8:45. Please remember to put sunscreen on your child at home and not as you prepare for them to exit you vehicle as this will cause a serious back up in the drop off line.


Extended Day Programs


            We will be offering programs before and after camp, staring at 7 am and ending at 6pm.  Please email us at if you wish to enroll. Pick up and drop off will occur at the white tent in the parking lot.  Programs are $4 per hour, per child.  Time will be billed in 15-minute increments and a bill will be available each Friday. Children in the Program will be able to purchase snacks in the afternoon.


Daily Activities


            We will be keeping the groups limited to eight campers and one Counselor. We can not have the groups co-mingle as they have in the past so only one group will be at an activity at a time. All equipment will be disinfected between groups using it and all hands will be sanitized when the group arrives and leaves each activity. We will maintain social distancing as much as possible and some activities where that can’t be achieved won’t be on the schedule this year. The State guidelines reads: “If they can be worn safely and consistently, children age 9 and older should wear face coverings.” Non-physical activities like Arts and Crafts we might require the use of a mask. We understand that many children do not want to wear a mask and that wearing a mask while being physically active is very difficult. We will work through this and find a solution that works for all the children in the group and keeps everyone as safe as possible. Please send your child with a reusable water bottle. We will have several water coolers around camp and the counselor can assist refilling bottles. Only the counselor will touch the nozzle and it will be cleaned between uses.




            We will have two groups at the pool at one time to maximize the amount of time your child gets to swim. Each group will be able to swim twice a day, once in the morning and again in the afternoon. Groups will be physically separated both on the pool deck and in the pool. The bathhouse will be cleaned between each session in the pool. All of the children’s bags will be kept separate as much as possible. Sun tan lotion can be reapplied after the afternoon session. Please only send what your child needs to swim, i.e. towel, bathing suit and goggles. Please mark all of your child’s items so we can help identify each person’s belongings. We cannot share goggles and sunscreen between the campers.




            We will be able to refrigerate your child’s lunches as we have in the past. In order to limit cross contamination we are only allowing lunches in paper bags or Ziploc bags. Please do not send items that will need to be returned home like insulated thermos or other non-disposable containers. Lunches will be stored in containers that will be stacked and minimize the squashing of sandwiches and crushing of chips. Your child will have the opportunity to visit the snack bar and purchase sodas and chips. Sodas are 25 cents, chips are 50 cents and ice cream sandwiches are 50 cents when available on Thursdays and Fridays. The snack bar will not be opened at the end of the day to ease picking up children. Please only send your child with quarters. We will have clean quarters to give a change and it will be difficult for a child to handle 39 quarters as change for a $20 bill. We have increased the number of lunch periods and will have adequate seating to ensure plenty of distance. All tables will be properly disinfected between lunch periods.




            We will be still having cookouts of hamburgers, hot dogs, veggie burgers, condiments and chips on Thursdays. Unfortunately parents will not be able to attend. You can still send your child with a lunch if they do not want any of the cookout items.


Pick Up


            Picking up your child will follow the same pattern as drop off. We will utilize one entrance and one exit. As your make your way to the tent we will send your child down the hill from their group to meet you. Please wear a mask if you need to talk with the staff about something. Please DO NOT get out of your vehicle in the pick up line. In order for the process to be quick and orderly everyone will have to move together as a team. If you need to address an issue before leaving camp, please pull over in front of the red barn to solve the problem and leave enough room for other vehicles to exit. If you have a question you can call the camp office at (301) 854-6651 between 8 am and 4 pm and we will work to help you with your situation. We will start dismissal around 3:45.


Other Important Information


            We will not allow visitors at camp. If you need to pick up your child early you must call the camp office (301) 854-6651 and your child will be brought to your vehicle. You can schedule an appointment to speak with Staff if an in person visit is warranted. We have plans in place and plenty of safe areas that we can follow the distancing guidelines if it is raining. We also have emergency procedures incase of inclement weather or other emergency. Children will not be dismissed during an emergency and they will be sheltered in the main Tennis building off of the main paved driveway. Please find a comfortable mask that fits well for your child. Consider having multiple masks in case one gets soiled. Masks should be worn during pick up and drop off. Counselors will hold onto each child’s mask in individual Ziploc bags and distribute them if required. We have installed sinks through out the camp so everyone can wash their hands more frequently. We will work as diligently as possible to limit any exposure and transmission of any illness. If you are uncomfortable with the situation you can log into your account and request to cancel your session. We appreciate your continued patience as we work through this process and any potential changes as the State announces them in this unprecedented time.



Want to tour our summer day camp?

We are scheduling tours every Sunday in May. Tours will be available from 1:00-4:00 pm. Time slots are every 30 minutes.

Please email to schedule a tour

Camp Hours
9:00 am – 4:00 pm.

For Girls & Boys – Ages 6-12


We will update our Covid 19 policy when the State of MD and CDC update their current guidelines/restrictions.

If you have any questions, please contact the Summer Day Camp Directors. We pride ourselves in being responsive to the needs of our campers and their families.

Contact Information

Circle D Farm Summer Day Camp
15535 Carrs Mill Road
Woodbine, MD 21797

Camp Office: 301-854-6651

Camp Office Administration Hours

(June 21-August 6)

Monday-Friday 8am – 4pm

Tim Dowd, Director
Kate Dowd, Assistant Director

Register Today!

* Please note, the best browsers to use are Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. Internet Explorer will not work.

*Terms: Campers can register for any number of weeks, from one to seven weeks. Enrollment is limited and we encourage you to register early. There are no allowances made for absences unless approved by the Camp Director. The safety of campers is of the utmost importance at all times. If the camper requires any special needs please consult with the directors. The director reserves the right to immediately remove any destructive, disruptive or unmanageable camper from any activity. If appropriate, the director reserves the right to terminate the camper’s session.

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