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Learn About Circle D Farm and the Dowd Family Story

For over 65 Years, Circle D Farm has been family owned and operated. During that time we have learned a few things about how to take care of our customers and provide a truly memorable and special experience. Whether it’s your picture perfect wedding, corporation family picnic, or your child’s first year at summer camp, we take pride in having everything prepared perfectly for you. We aren’t managed by some distant large corporation that only cares about the bottom-line. We live and work right here on the Farm and we are inviting you and your guests into our front yard for your special event.

Circle D Farm in the early 1950's

In 1953 Circle D Farm was purchased by the Dowd family and operated as a Dairy farm. The family continued to maintain the herd of over 100 cows and milking operations for several years. Then in 1979, Tim Dowd developed the idea to use a portion of the land to operate a summer day camp. Utilizing the barn, milking parlor, and a few other buildings Circle D Summer Day Camp opened. The remainder of the farm was used for crop production. Over the years, the camp grew; adding tennis courts, an in-ground pool, a multiple ball fields, and other amenities.

Feeding and Milking happened twice a day, rain or shine, every day of the year.

The year after opening the camp, the Dowd family received many requests to use the Day Camp facility for company picnics. In response, the family opened the grounds on the weekends for such functions. Since then, the farm has continued to expand and now offers a summer camp, an indoor and outdoor tennis facility, picnic grounds, lounge with bar, a full-service banquet room, and wedding ceremony locations. Circle D Farm is proud to provide our community with plenty of recreation and entertainment in our beautiful country setting.

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