Outdoor & Indoor Wedding Venues In Maryland

Get the best of the rolling Maryland scenery while escaping the unpredictable Maryland weather at Circle D Farm’s indoor-outdoor wedding Venus

Situated on a farm with rolling hills and stunning backdrops, Circle D Farm offers the best of both worlds to engaged couples looking to tie the knot. Our indoor-outdoor wedding venue provides all the beauty of an outdoor ceremony or reception, complete with well-manicured landscapes and gorgeous rustic backdrops, with the comfort and modern conveniences of our indoor lounge and banquet room – especially when the Maryland muggy weather persists.

Don’t settle for an outdoor ceremony that gets rained out or feel confined to an indoor location – at Circle D Farm, we have provisions and arrangements to give you the beauty of an outdoor wedding with the comforts of an indoor wedding.

Talk to us today and tour our wedding venue in Maryland to discover if Circle D Farm is the right choice for you to make lasting memories.

Exchanging Vows in an Enchanting Outdoor Ceremony Setting

The sun is golden in the sky, the wind is lightly blowing the leaves in the trees, and the sky is the perfect shade of blue overlooking your ceremony site – this is only a small peek into the outdoor ceremony site at Circle D Farm.

Our outdoor weddings offer a perfectly whimsical, fantastical day. Every couple has the ability to customize their altar and ceremony site to be as bohemian casual or modern formal as they desire. Say “I Do” with a rolling field backdrop, guests’ faces lit up under the cloudy sky, and take your post-vow photos framed under our gazebo.

Circle D Farm’s Outdoor Wedding Venues in Maryland Offer Comfort and Convenience

Host an Unforgettable Indoor Wedding in Our Lounge or Banquet Room

All the beauty of Maryland’s outdoors without the fear of inclement weather or a spike in humidity – our indoor wedding venue offers two great locations to capture the essence of an outdoor wedding but all the convenience of modern comfort.

Host your ceremony, reception, or both in our rustic lounge or large meadowview banquet room. We can host up to 250 guests in our banquet room or you can opt for a more intimate feel in our lounge. Cozy up next to fireplaces, capture the perfect candid photos with large windows allowing natural light, and create lasting memories of your beautiful day surrounded by family and friends in our rustic wedding spaces.

All the Comforts in Our Indoor Wedding Venue Spaces

The Circle D Farm Difference

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Enjoy Personalized Service for Your Special Day

Allow your wedding day to kick off without any complications with the help from the Circle D Staff. Our indoor-outdoor wedding venue is promised to you with no hidden fees and exceptional hands-on help from our planning staff.

We provide catering, serving staff, bartenders, linens, tables, chairs, cutlery, and more. The more we are able to supply in-house, the less nickel-and-diming you’ll face from contracting elsewhere. We handle all clean-up so all you need to focus on is your big day.

Meet with Kate to discuss scheduling, set-up, get the best vendor recommendations (or advice on how to allow the family to help), and more. Get a unique, one-of-a-kind wedding at our outdoor event venue in Maryland, here to make your day special.

A Taste of Maryland: Indulge in Our On-Site Catering Options

At Circle D Farm, we offer all catering on-site. We love to customize each menu to the taste and flavor of your wedding day’s focus. Talk to us about a down-home family BBQ or opt for small plates and something more upscale to fit a modern vibe.

By offering catering on-site, we have streamlined your wedding day, limited vendor hassle, and can promise the best, most fresh food for your day. The options are endless, so come to your consult with an idea in mind and we’ll strike up the perfect menu.

Outdoor Event Venues Maryland

Make Your Wedding Day a Perfect Reflection of Your Love Story at Circle D Farm

Our experienced staff is dedicated and ready to make your day unforgettable. From helping you plan the perfect outdoor wedding to coordinating with vendors, the team at Circle D Farm is here to ensure that every detail is taken care of.

If you’re looking for the best indoor-outdoor wedding venue in Maryland, look no further than Circle D Farm. With breathtaking scenery, top-notch facilities, exceptional services, and an accommodating guest list, Circle D Farm has everything you need to make your special day unforgettable. Contact Circle D Farm today to schedule a tour and see why it’s the best indoor outdoor wedding venue in Maryland.

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FAQ About Our Outdoor Wedding Venues in Maryland

Yes, we require that our catering services be utilized for your big day, allowing for the freshest food and a streamlined event. Talk to us about all of our menu options and to set up a test taste to ensure we’re the perfect fit.

We can comfortably seat up to 250 guests at our venue. Many of our reception spaces can also be arranged to seat 100 guests or fewer without feeling too empty.

Yes, parking is easy and handicap accessible for easy access by all guests.

Yes, we work with you to plan out either the lounge or banquet room as a backup space in case of severe weather for an outdoor wedding. Our outdoor space also offers a 40×60 pavilion, perfect for escaping light weather.

Yes, everything from parking to restrooms is handicap accessible. The grounds are easily traveled via wheelchairs or other walking aids so every guest can partake in the festivities with ease.

Our outdoor event venue in Maryland offers chairs, seating, tables, linens, cutlery, catering, and serving staff, including bartenders. There are no hidden fees or costs.

Our only vendor requirement is use of our in-house catering, which can be customized to your preferred menu. Otherwise, feel free to use any other vendor, including friends or family. We also have a recommended vendor list if you are in need of suggestions.

Yes, both our indoor areas and outdoor locations allow for complete decorating to your unique style, making your day personalized to your taste, theme, and color palette.

Yes, you will work with Kate or another recommended staff member to arrange scheduling, coordination, and more.

Absolutely, please reach out to us today to set up a tour and consult of all of our wedding services and options.

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