Circle D Farm

began in 1953 when Robert Dowd Sr. purchased the farm and started an active milking operation with a herd of only 30 registered Holsteins. The operation steadily grew into a herd of over 100 and was maintained until 1973. As times changed so did the farm and in 1979 the Day Camp was started. The Camp used the barn, milking parlor and other buildings, as well as a newly added swimming pool, while the rest of the farm was used for crop production. 

The Camp continued to grow and we added tennis courts, softball and soccer fields and other amenities. In 1980 the Dowd family answered the growing number of requests to use the camp facilities for company picnics. 1991 spawned a new chapter for the farm with indoor tennis. Housed in a tennis bubble, four new hard courts were constructed and used through out the winter months. Expansion continued in 1994 with the addition of a new building that would house for permanent indoor courts as well as a place for members to relax in our new lounge or host an event in Meadowview Banquet Room.  We continue to add features like new horseshoe pits, mini-golf, gaga ball pit and more. We are proud to provide the community and its members with a local option for recreation and entertainment in a rural country setting.

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Circle D Farm is still owned and operated by the Dowd Family. In addition to offering the day camp, catering venues, and tennis facility the farm is still actively farmed. Circle D Farm is in agricultural preservation and can never be developed ensuring it will be a place for you to enjoy for years to come. The three generations of the Dowd family that operated the farm intend on keeping up the high standards we have always sought to provide our customers.  In case you were wondering, the name Circle D is derived from the “O” in O’Dowd. That was the family name until the voyage to the United States from County Kerry, Ireland in 1868 by Timothy Dowd. As many families did at that time the “O” was dropped in an attempt to avoid the persecution many Irish faced at that time in the United States.

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