No. Our liquor license prohibits alcohol from anywhere but from a recognized distributor. This includes guest favors and prizes like baskets of cheer.

If it is prepared in a certified* kitchen using appropriate food handling techniques. Otherwise unfortunately we cannot allow food not prepared on site to be served on site. Certain Desserts are the only exception.

We do not allow other caterers to use our facility. We have some very talented staff and we can prepare most anything you require and we can even make your grandmother’s quiche, if provided with her secret recipe.

Yes and No. Included in the event rental is time to set up and decorate for your event as well as time to rehearse. This time must be scheduled and is limited depending on availability. In general all of your items must be removed from the space immediately following the event. Some exceptions can be made on a limited basis.

While they say rain is good luck on your wedding day, we don’t wish that on anyone. We have multiple indoor options available for your ceremony.

No. This is a working farm with lots of different animals including dogs. There is always a chance that service pets can get loose and a tragedy might occur.

You are a very kind person and you can certainly stop on the way home and pick up your neighbor some food. Unfortunately we cannot make to-go containers or allow food to leave the premises.  Food is all-you-can-eat while you are here. We cannot accept the liability for food safety once it leaves Circle D Farm and we don’t make enough to feed the entire neighborhood, just the number of people we are told to expect.

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