9 Unique Family Reunion Activities for Your Next Get Together

Tired of the same old family reunion activities when everyone gets together? It’s time to mix it up to create new memories with our tried-and-true method of unique family reunion activities!

Our Maryland family reunion venue has seen dozens of families gather each year in our space. From dance parties to BBQs, to crafts and talent shows, we’ve seen it all. We’ve put together our best list of unique family reunion activities that include classics like the water balloon toss to new favorites like assembling a family cookbook.

Dive deep into our 9 unique family reunion activities everyone of all ages is sure to love and can participate in.

9 Unique Family Reunion Activities for Your Next Get Together

Family Reunion Thrills: Dive into the Water Balloon Toss

When looking through your options for places to have a reunion, don’t discount outdoor venues with lots of land; the reason being? The perfect late Spring or Summer family reunion activity is a water balloon toss.

Everyone of all ages can sit, stand, or chase one another with water balloons, aiming to catch the balloons without breaking them. This is an easy family reunion activity to plan for and prep and it allows everyone to cool off in the hot heat, especially if your family get together is during a Maryland summer.

Family Reunion Activity #2: Talent Show

Indoor/outdoor family reunion event spaces are a great backdrop for a family reunion talent show. Whether inside away from cold and dark weather or outdoors under the summer sun, a talent show is the perfect way to bond in any venue space.

Talent shows allow for dancing, singing, showing off art, telling jokes, putting together skits, and playing music. Family members can go solo or as a team, and for those who don’t like to be on stage, judging is always an option!

Get some small prizes and have a fun family talent show with minimal planning and prep – your family get together will be better for it, especially when you film and playback the memories later.

Family Reunion Activity #3: Scavenger Hunt

This family activity takes a bit more planning and set-up but is well worth it for the chaos and fun that happens afterward! Talk to the coordinator at your family reunion event space about setting up a fun scavenger hunt for the family to take part in. This can be simple, like what’s already around, or you can create scavenger hunts based on family jokes.

A scavenger hunt is perfect for family get togethers because it can be timed or done leisurely throughout the day. Make it simple, like find someone in a purple t-shirt, or make it more enhanced. The possibilities are endless!

Family Reunion Activity #4: Assemble a Family Cookbook

This family reunion activity is quick, easy, and puts together memories to last a lifetime. It’s super simple, too: everyone brings their favorite recipe (bonus points: they bring the actual dish!) and everyone assembles a complete cookbook to share.

This is how you get classic favorites like mom’s apple pie but also new and quirky ideas for dessert like your cousin’s homemade waffle sundaes. Print out enough for everyone to share, bind them together or have special folders, and ta-da: memories shared, food to try, and a way to stay connected year-round by continuing to make, share, and eat.

Family Reunion Activity #5: Family Trivia

For a personalized family reunion activity, gather all the quirky and maybe not-so-well-known facts about the family. Put them together in a fun trivia game and quiz the cousins, parents, and kids on who-knows-who best!

For bonus points create teams based on parents, siblings, age ranges, and more. Don’t be shy about mixing it up. This is a great family reunion activity that lets everyone learn something new and ask questions. 

Family Reunion Activity #6: Photo Booth

If your family reunion event space doesn’t already have one, talk to them about rentals for a photo booth for your family get together. This is an easy activity that only involves costumes and props, often supplied by the family reunion event space or rental company, and everyone can jump in and out all day.

Plus, you will get great printouts and digital copies of your favorite memories. Simple, easy, and affordable, this is a family get together go-to.

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Family Reunion Activity #7: Time Capsules

Keep the tradition of family get togethers going by creating time capsules you have to open the next time you are together. Everyone will be looking forward to unearthing old photos, articles of clothing, games, writings, books, recipes, pendants, and more.

Set a timeline for one year, five years, and ten years. Trust the capsules to a family member to bring out when the time is right or bury it on family property if you’re not a family reunion event space.

Family Reunion Activity #8: Cooking Contest or Bake-Off

Take inspiration from Paul Hollywood and the Great British Bake Off (or whatever your family’s favorite cooking show is) and create your own cookoff! A great way to get a potluck together and have everyone participate, a bake-off allows for everyone to bring their favorite food and taste-test everyone else’s.

Plus, the best places to have a family reunion will also offer catering, so no big deal if someone can’t cook, because there will be professional food on hand for every meal.

Family Reunion Activity #9: Puzzles or Board Games

A tried and true method, you can have custom puzzles made with ease at some of your favorite online shops. Make custom family puzzles of the kids, trips, pets, and more, and then have everyone assemble them throughout the day together.

This is an easy, slow-paced activity that can be ramped up into a competition for a timed contest if your family likes to win. At the end of the day, you can glue down the puzzles and everyone has a memory to take home with them.

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Circle D Farm loves to see families connect, bond, and create new memories. We are happy to be one of the best places to host a family get together, with catering on-site, indoor/outdoor options, and advice from our venue team.

Break out of the mold with fresh and new family activities, no matter where your family reunion is being held.

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