5 Top Trends in Corporate Events 2024

Goodbye 2023, hello 2024.

As you wrap up a successful year at your company and look ahead to the future, you want to celebrate the accomplishments of you and your team. The best way to do so is to focus on your yearly company events and how you can elevate them to boost morale, show support, and celebrate your successes.

At Circle D Farm, our event venue hosts many company events throughout the year, from holiday celebrations to big successful celebrations and toasts. We’ve kept our eye on emerging trends and these top 5 trends in corporate events could be the ticket to elevating your team’s experience and boosting your company’s morale even higher for a bigger year yet.

Dive in to what makes a corporate event successful and laid back, and are even budget-friendly for locally-owned businesses.  

5 Corporate Event Trends for Your Next Company Celebration

1) Have an Event Theme

Simple, affordable, and easy – your corporate event should always have a theme. A theme helps bring a sense of joy and expectation that everyone can count on and be involved in. Whether it’s simple like “Shoot for the Stars” or you pick something more party-esque, like 80’s Bash, it creates a fun and exciting topic of conversation to get everyone hyped.

Your theme can be in your food, entertainment, dress code, music, decorations, or activities. However you choose to incorporate it, one of the hottest trends in corporate events is having a theme that gets people excited and involved. The more involved your employees can be, the more invested they are in what they’re doing.  

2) Choose Comfort Over Style

Out with stiff-backed chairs and meeting rooms, in with casual dining and family gathering type conversation.

Comfort over style or “business professional” is the way to go for your next corporate event. At Circle D Farm, we focus on picnic tables, BBQ, and backyard lawn games, and it’s been a huge hit with morale, team bonding, and celebrations.

However you choose to embrace comfort over style, know that the more relaxed your team is, the more they can participate, rejoice, and connect over the team event. This is a chance to create a tighter unit, so drop the formal affair and let everyone have some fun, even if it is as simple as serving hot dogs while playing corn hole at a rustic event venue.  

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3) Bring in a Selfie Station

Making memories is critical to team bonding and lasting morale boosts. The best way to cultivate memories is by having a selfie station that brings everyone together.

Throughout your event, team members can grab props and signs and pose together on a celebratory background. With instant print stations available, these selfie stations become the photos they hang at their desks and use to remember the big success everyone celebrated.

The more community, fun, and souvenirs you can provide, the better and longer-lasting the memories will be. A united team is a proficient and happy team.  

4) Unique Group Activities (Not Ice Breakers)

Icebreakers aren’t working and it’s time to drop “two truths and a lie.” Corporate event trends are booming with unique group activities that allow for more fun and casual chatter that isn’t forced or awkward.

Find an event venue near you that is laid back and has more than enough room for group activities. You can finish off a lovely family-style dinner at picnic tables and then head to the lawn for corn hole or lawn bowling. If the rain keeps you inside, you can encourage an employee talent show or host a cooking contest.

Have more than a few group activities that everyone can participate in and show off their skills and hobbies. Your company is a team, let them bond in new ways.  

5) Flexibility in Scheduling

No one likes a rigid schedule, no matter if it’s a corporate event. Whether you’re hosting a celebratory dinner or a day of workshops and lectures, participants and employees get more out of the company event when there is flexibility to the day.

Instead of a tight schedule, offer a loose buffet meal time or have lectures throughout the day they can opt in and out of. Keep the schedule at a level that everyone can enjoy without feeling pressured or rushed. This allows more time for creative brainstorming, idea sharing, and conversations. 

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No matter what your event is for, your company event should be easy to celebrate and put together. At Circle D Farm, we remove the hassle of scheduling your event and use our years of knowledge to help assemble a theme, vendors, and a day of easy team bonding.

Check out our top tips for hosting your company party and get in touch today for a tour and consult. We offer on-site catering and more than enough indoor and outdoor space for whatever activity you want to host.

It’s your company’s day, we make it easy so you don’t need to work. Time to celebrate.  

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