What to Wear to a Rustic Wedding: Dress Guide for Guests

Congrats! Your friends and family are getting married and you’ve been invited to attend their rustic wedding. Nothing is more beautiful than the rolling hills, fairy lights in the barn, and the soft crackle of the fire under the starlight. Whether it’s Spring or Fall or any season inbetween, rustic weddings are fun, cosy, and a pleasure to attend.

As a guest, you may be wondering – what do you wear to a rustic wedding? Rustic dress for wedding guests can be hard to nail down. If you weren’t provided a FAQ or dress code guidelines, no worry! 

Our complete guide for rustic wedding guest dress helps decode what a “rustic” dress code is, how to prepare for outdoor elements, and ways you can add your own style to your rustic outfit for the occasion. 

First Things First, What is a Rustic Wedding

If you’ve been invited to a rustic wedding, you may be wondering what a “rustic” wedding is. In general, a rustic wedding refers to anything country, outdoorsy, or settled in nature with boho vibes. 

Rustic can be a lovely old barn, an overlook in the countryside, an outdoor wedding, or something nestled among a garden. Consider rougher edges with elegant history and branches, plants, and more for natural elements.

Rustic Weddings Are: outdoorsy, country, boho, elegant, cozy, autumn-inspired

What To Wear To a Rustic Wedding

Leave the Black-Tie Behind

Unless otherwise stated by the couple, rustic wedding guest attire is more casual than black-tie. 

Leave behind the ball gown, traditional suit and tie, and even your fancy ballroom shoes. Instead, think of more casual but fancy and fun attire you might wear to a garden party or an outdoor themed fall photoshoot.

Go For Floral Prints

Men and women alike can opt for floral prints for a rustic themed wedding

Large outdoorsy natural prints are perfect on sundresses, maxi dresses, polo shirts, and suspenders. Floral prints are even a great accessory when it comes to jewelry and hairbands. This is a great way to stay formal, fun, and comfortable, all while in theme.

what to wear to a rustic wedding

Earth Tones and Warm Hues

Rustic weddings naturally gravitate towards a more natural environment. For your wedding guest dress, think of earth tones or warm hues, especially for Fall and Winter rustic weddings. 

Men can opt for dark brown or dark green suits or ties to be on theme. Women can focus on a natural mix of earth tones across tights, cardigans, dresses, skirts, and pants.

Flows and Ruffles Are In Style

Don’t shy away from more extravagant or fun styles you might normally skip for a formal affair such as a wedding. 

Flows, ruffles, ribbons, and large prints are all perfectly in style for a rustic themed wedding. Think of boho chic and don’t be afraid to go for something much more country styled.

Maxi Dresses + Sundresses

If you are seeking the right dress, a sundress or maxi dress is the perfect rustic wedding guest dress vs traditional strappy or mini dresses. 

Maxi dresses with slits up the side are elegant and provide the perfect temperature control for dancing the night away. Sundresses are cute and fun and a great way to remain casual but formal while being comfortable the entire night. Plus, you can show off your favorite pair of boots.

No Need for a Suit Jacket: Get Vests or Blazers Instead

While men may be tempted to stick to traditional suits and ties, even for a rustic wedding, you don’t need to. Men can get in on the theme as a rustic wedding guest by choosing vests or blazers, instead. 

You can swap out traditional suit pants for khakis if you want, as well. Blazers and vests, depending on the weather, help you stay casual and formal while joining in on the theme of the day. Pick natural earth tones or large prints to enjoy a bit of fun as well.

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Boots and Wedges Are Sure to Impress

No need for heels or strappy shoes as a rustic wedding guest. Even if the wedding isn’t in fall, boots and wedges are the perfect footwear for a rustic wedding

Wedges and boots will help you traverse the traditional rustic wedding venues of barns, hills, and the countryside. For dancing, plan for flat footwear and don’t worry – it’ll still be on theme and you won’t be out of place. Have fun with it and be comfortable.

boots are great for a rustic wedding

Accessory Choices Include Bows, Florals, and Ribbons

If you want to accessorize your rustic wedding guest dress, think of florals, ribbons, and bows. These can be in your headband, a part of your hair style, or even ties around your waist or chest as an accent piece. 

This is your chance to show off your style and personality, as rustic weddings are casual, fun, and very relaxed. Add that extra piece of chunky jewelry for the day.  

Men, Include Accessories, Too: Suspenders, Fun Socks, Bowties

Men, accessorizing isn’t only for the women. As a rustic wedding guest, you can choose to have fun with suspenders, fun socks, and even bowties. 

Rustic wedding dress for guests allows you to play more with patterns and colors so you can infuse your personality. Be casual and yourself to really show the couple how much you’re enjoying their style of the big day.

Layers are Comfy and Cozy

Rustic weddings will more often than not include a mix of both an indoor and outdoor venue

To make sure you’re comfortable, layer up your rustic wedding guest dress with different layers you can easily remove and store throughout the day. This can be a cardigan, a blazer or vest, knee high socks, boots, and gloves or mittens.

Remember to Consider the Season

Rustic weddings are most often in fall, when the air is cool and crisp and it gets dark early. However, some rustic-themed weddings happen in Spring, Summer, and Winter. 

When considering what to wear to your rustic wedding event, take into account how the couple will incorporate the weather. Consider if the venue is indoors or outdoors, if you will be spending the evening outdoors, and what activities like dancing or s’mores making you may partake in at a rustic wedding. 

Enjoy Your Rustic Wedding Experience

If you’ve been wondering what a rustic wedding is, hopefully you’re excited now to join your friends and family on their big day. 

The most important part about a rustic wedding is to be casual, comfortable, prepared for the outdoors, and have fun. Expect campfires, night skies, fireplaces, natural elements, and plenty of dancing or other fun activities. Let your hair be loose or gently tucked up and have fun with your friends and family. 

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