Beyond Pinterest: How To Uncover a Truly Unique Wedding Venue

Online is filled with visions of truly unique weddings – simply search “unique wedding venues” or “alternative wedding” and Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok will come alive with stunning, creative weddings. These are inspirational, stunning, and get the creative minds turning for what your big day will look like.

But how do you uncover and find a unique wedding for your big day that matches what you’re finding online?

Finding a unique wedding venue has become a bit more complex than searching “unique wedding venues near me.” What’s most important is for couples to define what is unique to them – are you looking forward to a barn wedding; do you want to embrace something funky in the city; are you searching for something that you can fully customize that is a blank slate?

Take a look at our top 7 tips to uncover a truly unique wedding venue that will make your day memorable and everlasting.

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7 Tips to Find The Best Unique Wedding Venue

Consider Locations and Views

Looking for a unique wedding venue can be as simple as choosing a unique location for your big day. Search for stunning natural backdrops, gorgeous views, notable landmarks, or historical significance. 

These can be as elaborate or as simple as you desire – anything from mountaintop patios to farm-filled fields can turn a simple wedding into a unique, one of a kind experience. Talk to state parks about ceremony sites, look into views off the beaten paths, and get creative with ceremony and reception landmarks. 

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Look at Architecture and Design

Sometimes it’s not about where your wedding venue is but how and when it was designed. For a truly unique wedding venue, look for venues that feature captivating architecture and design elements. These will strike a balance of elegance, style, and stunning picture backdrops.

Choices can be anything from vintage churches or rustic farms with historic cars lining the driveway. Whatever design speaks to you, search for those venues locally to find a truly unique location. 

Tip – To find a truly unique ceremony or reception venue, drive around your favorite wedding location and stop at any place that pops out at you. You never know where you can host your dream wedding. 

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Search for Amenities and Experiences

Unique locations aren’t restricted to backdrops or views – sometimes the experience and the amenities of the place create a truly unique wedding day you and your guests never expected.

When searching for your unique wedding venue, look for venues that have spas, outdoor activities like ziplining or campfires, animal encounters, boating, recreational games, and more. Nothing is stopping you from turning your wedding reception into an all-inclusive experience.

Ask About Venue Themes

Another great way to find a unique wedding venue near you is to look for a wedding venue with a theme. This can be a rustic barn with rolling fields, a whimsical indoor wedding venue fully outfitted in lights and tulle, or an avant-garde wedding venue that emits elegance.

Searching for unique wedding venues or venues with themes – or even defining your theme and searching from there – will unearth some truly great venues you did not expect.

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Curate Signature Services

Don’t discount wedding venues that look simplified on the outside but are teeming on the inside with unique experiences. To have a truly unique wedding, search for wedding venues that offer signature services.

This can be as simple as signature cocktails and menus or something as elaborate as interactive entertainment or shows. Look for circus acts, interactive exhibits, and more to make your wedding stand out.

Tip – Don’t limit to your search to purely wedding venues but also look for event venues and ask about their reception offerings and options. 

Use Technology for a Unique Experience

Modern technology can elevate a wedding venue from simple to unique in a few short ways. Look for unique wedding venues that offer interactive technology displays, smart lighting, or other captivating virtual elements.

The imagination can run wild when looking for unique wedding venues using technology exhibits and features. The Neon Museum in Vegas is a great example of how technology can enhance a wedding venue with a few simple installations. Talk to your local wedding venue about incorporating similar elements for your special day. 

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DIY and Personalization Can Go Far

When in doubt, search for wedding venues that allow you total personalization and customization. Many venues have strict rules when it comes to deco or vendors, so finding a wedding venue that allows you total control means no wedding will ever match yours when you bring your own deco and style.

A wedding coordinator can help fully connect you with vendors to help bring the vision alive. The options are absolutely endless when you bring in your own creativity — and asking your community for help can take it even further. 

Tips for Booking a Unique Wedding Venue Near You

To find one of these truly unique wedding venues near you, start by defining a theme. Do you want whimsical, dark, fantasy, modern, elegant, historical, or something else? Think about if you want interactivity, standard entertainment, or something unusual. And finally, think about your guest list and how feasible it is to include all your guests.

Remember that either your ceremony location or your reception venue can be unique – it’s okay to go a traditional route for your ceremony and then explore a unique venue for your reception or vice versa. There are so many ways to explore a unique wedding venue experience.

Also consider the level of involvement you want to have in set up or tear down – some unique wedding venues are ready on the spot, while others will require coordination and creation. Decide if you want an all-inclusive venue or if you’re okay bringing the creativity yourself.

Book Your Unique Wedding Venue Today

We want to see every couple achieve their dream wedding with the perfect venue for their celebration. If you’re hunting for a unique rustic wedding venue in Maryland, contact Circle D Farm today for a tour. We allow for unique decor customization, a wide range of entertainment, and no one can beat our rolling hills and country views.

Contact us today and meet with our on-site planner to see how you achieve the perfect unique wedding in Maryland. 

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