Celebrate Without Stress: The Pros of Wedding Venues with Catering

Simplify your big day with this easy wedding day hack – book a wedding venue with catering on-site.

Yes, it’s that easy. And here’s why-

You eliminate the need to seek a second catering vendor; you remove the hassle of coordinating where to cook the food and how it’ll be served; you breath easy knowing your venue has this transition down seamlessly.

Sound good? Read on to explore all the benefits of booking a wedding venue with catering and it how it is our no. #1 tip for a stress free wedding. 

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As a local Maryland wedding venue in Woodbine, we’ve seen it all when it comes to helping couples coordinate their big day and what we’ve noticed is that booking a wedding venue with catering ensures an easier planning process for the couples we host.

Take a look at some of the pros of booking a wedding venue with catering and learn how to ensure your wedding venue can serve as the perfect backdrop while delivering an unforgettable meal that meets all dietary restrictions for your guests.

The Pros of Booking a Wedding Venue with Catering

Less Stress with Easy Coordination

One of the worst stressors of wedding planning is coordination. Getting all the vendors in touch with one another and creating a streamlined schedule between entertainment, catering, speeches, announcements, dancing, and more.

By booking a wedding venue with catering, you eliminate the need to coordinate two, three, or even four separate vendors and instead reduce it down to one. Your wedding venue with catering will be your venue, your caterer, your servers, your dessert providers, and possibly even your bartenders. No hassle, no meetings, no multiple emails – one place and done.

Delicious Meals from Expert Chefs

Wedding venues with caterers often have expert chefs who are proficient at their job and are known for their menus. They want to give their guests an unforgettable experience and that means delicious food.

You can trust that your wedding venue with caterers will have some of the best chefs in the area. Set up a tasting before booking so you can savor some of their known dishes and you will find a catered meal that outbests other vendors you may have been considering.

Total Customization

Caterers on-site at wedding venues are known for offering total customizable menus. Instead of selecting between your favorite BBQ place or that Italian bistro down the road, your wedding venue caterer can offer a hybrid menu, a mix-and-match, or something totally customizable that fits your theme.

During your venue tour, ask about favorite dishes they’ve done in the past, seasonal offerings, and get recommendations on what meals they think would match your theme, season, and guests the best – you’ll be happily surprised by their wealth of possibilities.

Seamless Experience

One of the hardest transitions couples deal with during the wedding day is coordinating where the caterers can cook, where servers can be placed, and if there is an area large enough for a buffet. Wedding venues with caterers don’t have that concern.

Experience a seamless wedding day when your venue already has the space, and the experienced staff, to cook the food, set up the servers, and provide meals without any hassle or chaos. You’ll go from “I Do” to speeches around your favorite meal without ever having to worry about a thing.

Service Provided

Some catering companies don’t offer servers – meaning you’re working on finding a wedding venue, a caterer, and a serving company. Wedding venues with caterers have eliminated this need and have servers on-hand for hire, often built right into the budget.

By providing everything you need for your big day – a venue, food, and servers – your wedding venue can ensure an easier day, less planning, and a better satisfactory experience. Talk to your outdoor-indoor wedding venue about their servers and costs.

Cost Savings

Speaking of costs, bundled wedding venues are perfect for saving costs. Wedding venues for 130 guests, give or take, are designed to help create cost-effective weddings without sacrificing quality. By booking a wedding venue with catering you are saving money by getting everything you need in-house.

Talk to your venue about total costs when you book their caterer, servers, and bartenders.

Better Clean-Up

Some wedding venues charge extra for you to have their staff clean up at the end of your wedding day. This means coordinating with caterers and serving companies about their cleanliness, clean-up schedule, and other tedious details.

Wedding venues with catering eliminate this hassle, so you’re not running around with a trash bag at the end of the big day.

Customized Recommendations

One vendor that serves as your venue and caterer means better customer service and better recommendations for your big day. At our country wedding venue in Maryland, our on-site coordinator helps couples pick their themes, colors, and offers personal recommendations on menu items as well.

Things changing? No problem. Instead of calling multiple vendors, your wedding venue with catering can add or subtract meals and seating with ease because it’s all only one call away.

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How to Find the Right Wedding Venue with Catering

Tips from Our Country Wedding Venue with Catering in Maryland

#1 - Schedule Your Tour

Set up a tour of the facility to ensure it meets your needs as a wedding reception and venue area first. Decide if you want a country wedding venue or a modern one; estimate your guest list to see if you need a wedding venue for 130 guests or over 200 or less 100; idealize if you want an indoor wedding venue or an outdoor wedding venue. Set up tours with venues that meet your needs.

#2 - Narrow Down Dates

If the tour goes well, discuss available dates with your wedding venue. It’s important to understand how in demand they are, when the dates are reserved, and what your seasonal or day-of-the-week options are.

#3 - Discuss Diets, Guest Count, and Menu Options

Ensure that your wedding venue caterer has the equipment needed to feed and serve the number of guests you expect to have. Also consult with them on their ability to adapt menu items to match dietary restrictions, including vegans or vegetarians, gluten and grain-free, dairy-free, and more. Finally, get an overview of what style of dishes they create.

#4 - Set Up a Tasting

Often you will set up a tasting after you’ve secured your venue, as securing a venue and date is the most critical component of wedding planning. However, if you have a bit more time, you may be able to set up your tasting with the venue caterer before signing a final contract. Whenever you book it, ensure the tasting is set early on to try out menu items and decide which menu items will make the cut.

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Remember: Have Fun and Enjoy the Experience

Touring your wedding venues and consulting with wedding caterers should be fun. Take stock of what options each vendor has, what’s most important to you, and how it all will fit together in the end for a great guest experience.

If you’re looking for a country wedding venue in Maryland, contact Circle D Farm. Our caterers and ceremony services are perfect for couples looking for a quiet and elegant affair, so set up a tour today and get even more wedding day advice from our experts and planners on site.

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