How To Choose The Perfect Family Reunion Venue

Summers are here and family reunions are being planned! Good weather, blue skies, happy faces, and birds chirping around- it’s what everyone is looking forward to. 

With good weather, comes an opportunity to bring all your loved ones together and host parties and get-togethers outside. To avoid the rush of planning a family reunion last minute, don’t wait to find the best family reunion venue near you and book a tour ASAP to reserve your free weekend. 

If you’ve been planning to bring the entire family together, and host them on a fun-filled gathering of all the close ones, this might just be the perfect time. Here’s how you can find the perfect venue to book for a family reunion in Maryland, and what things to consider before going with your reservation in order to ensure you have the best match. 

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Factors To Consider When Choosing a Family Reunion Venue in Maryland

Before finalizing on a family reunion venue in Maryland, there are a few things to consider to ensure that there are no hiccups during your get-together. Consider these aspects when touring your Maryland family reunion venue. 

Affordability of the Venue

Every family reunion has to be budgeted properly beforehand (get our tips for budgeting for your family reunion in our article How to Plan a Successful Family Reunion). While the venue is just a single element of the entire event, there are other aspects to it too. Food, stays, parking, the location, and lots more.

One way to ensure that everything remains organized is to budget first and then reverse engineer to the available options. Moreover, for any of the services, whether it’s the flights, the hotels, or meals, asking for group rates might help. Businesses usually provide better rates for a larger group.

Once you have your budget, you can discuss options with your venue that may include catering deals, discounts on nearby hotels, and more. 

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Accessibility of the Family Reunion Venue

A perfect family reunion venue is one that is easily accessible to everyone. This comes in form of location and disability provisions. Your family reunion venue should provide wheelchair ramps, elevators, sensory options, and more. 

Geographically, your Maryland family reunion venue should be close to major airports or public transportation to assist with out of town guests. Major factors to consider can include travel time, the cost of travel, and what’s the best way to reach the venue.

Ensure Your Dates Are Available

The perfect family reunion venue isn’t perfect if your dates aren’t available.

Once you’ve coordinated with family about the time of the event, you need to ensure that your venue has the entire stay available with no secondary events being hosted at the same time that may interfere.

Ensure you know your timeframe when touring local family reunion venues in Maryland. 

Activities Accessible at the Location

If the dates and locations are finalized, the next step is to find out and lock in the activities your family will partake in. 

This can depend on the type of people you are expecting at the reunion: an all-adult gathering will have different activities and expectations than a child-friendly reunion. 

Most of the activities should be quite inclusive so that the entire family can take part in it. If you need 9 Unique Family Reunion Activities for Your Next Get Together, we’ve got you covered with recommendations and suggestions. 

Make sure your venue can accommodate the activities you want to host — an indoor-only venue may be more restrictive than indoor-outdoor, or venues may have rules against noise, activities, and more. 

Duration of the Stay

The duration of the entire reunion is another unmissable thing to consider. Plan and info every family member in advance about the duration and an itinerary of the reunion, so that they can plan accordingly.

Whether it’s a week long reunion, or just meeting for a day or two, the overall trip should be taken into the picture, and the reunion venue shall be decided accordingly.

Remember, the entire thing is more like a vacation, than a social obligation. Hence, the more comfortable it is, the better. Ensure that your venue has the accommodations needed to host everyone for the stay. 

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Group Accommodation Rates

Most of the Maryland family reunions that take place in venues offer group rates for accommodation, meals, and other activities that tale place in the venue. All you need to do is ask.

Group rates can play a major role in bringing down the overall budget of the entire reunion. Ensure your venue offers a deal or discount for large gatherings that make the overall cost effective. 

Conclusion: Vet Your Venue And Ask Questions Along the Way

Family reunions can be a fun thing to have, if and when everything is planned beforehand. Once all the formalities are sorted, the only thing left is to have loads of fun whenever you get the opportunity to host a reunion.

Finalizing on a Maryland family reunion venue might seem like a challenge, but with the right research, and by ensuring that it is catering to all your requirements, it can be a walk in the park.

Get in touch with the venues nearby and try to understand what they are offering, if they have any group rates, what are their unique propositions and it this is a place that suitable for all the family members.

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