13 Fun Games for Your Family Reunion (Rain or Shine!)

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Don’t be bored at your next family reunion – family get togethers can be about more than meals and catching up. Keep the fun going and liven up the day with 13 fun and easy games everyone can partake in.

At Circle D Farm, we’ve hosted countless family gatherings at our family reunion event space and what we always notice is that everyone embraces the feel of summer camp and endless games to play together. 

We’ve put together a list of our top family reunion games you can do indoors or outdoors, with accessibility available to everyone (#12 always get the best laughs).

Family Reunion Fun: Try the Giant Jenga Challenge

Why We Love It

  • Affordable
  • Everyone can play
  • Endless replayability
  • No planning required
  • Indoors/outdoors

Giant Jenga can be purchased from almost any retailer and it’s one of the most fun games we see families enjoy during family get togethers. Our Maryland family reunion event space has hosted giant Jenga both indoors and outdoors, making it a rain-or-shine game that is perfect for home, the backyard, your family reunion venue, the dining room, and more.

Get it once and have endless replayability even after you’ve all returned home.

Family Reunion Game #2: Corn Hole

Why We Love It

  • Easy and simple
  • Popular for all ages
  • Fits any theme
  • Affordable or DIY

This might just be a staple for our Maryland family reunion event venue, but nothing beats corn hole when it comes to class summer camp and family reunion games. Set up one set, set up two, or set up three, it doesn’t matter – cornhole can be played indoors or outdoors and is relaxing, fun, and keeps conversation going.

Our favorite thing about corn hole as a staple family reunion game? You can make your own bean bags and corn hole boards, so each year you have a new theme and can even have a “best corn hole board” competition – because why wouldn’t you?

13 Fun Games for Your Family Reunion (Rain or Shine!)

Family Reunion Game #3: Relay Race

Why We Love It

  • Competitive
  • Team-based
  • Full of laughter
  • Scheduled activity

Going back to a family reunion game classic, a relay race captures everything you might enjoy about competition, summer, and the outdoors. Make it simple, make it complex, long, or short – relay races are entirely customizable and a great way to get out some energy.

This is a perfect lawn game and is best for outdoor family reunion event spaces but if your indoor venue is large enough, get creative with your own indoor relay race game.

Family Reunion Game #4: Tennis

Why We Love It

  • Active
  • Scheduled activity
  • Learn something new together

Depending on the family reunion event space you reserve, tennis is a great family reunion game that is perfect for everyone of all ages. At our Maryland family reunion venue, we have our own tennis courts, perfect for families to play seriously or just have some fun.

Tennis is a great option for active families and doesn’t always need to be competitive (but picking teams and having an award system is never a bad idea). If tennis isn’t possible, opt for ping pong at your family gathering instead – indoors, outdoors, and affordable for everyone of every age to play.

Family Reunion Game #5: Disc Golf/Frisbee Golf/CanJam

Why We Love It

  • Affordable
  • All ages
  • Full of laughter
  • No skill needed

Whatever your family calls it, getting a frisbee out and setting up a course is fun for everyone at a family reunion, mainly because it takes no skill and is easy to do. You can buy CanJam sets with a foldable can and accessory frisbee, or you can collect all the frisbees your family has bought over the years and bring your own baskets, cans, and more.

Family Reunion Game #6: Water Balloon Toss

Why We Love It

  • Perfect for summer weather
  • Cools down the kids
  • Easy to assemble
  • Affordable

Another family reunion game classic is the water balloon toss. At our Maryland family reunion venue, we’ve seen every iteration of the water balloon toss for kids and adults: sitting, standing, chasing, teams, coordinated, chaos, and more.

After the water balloons are broken and everyone is soaked, make a fun game of picking up the old balloons and whoever has the most gets a prize – a great way to combine cleaning up and a game all in one.

Family Reunion Game #7: Charades

Why We Love It

  • Classic
  • No set up
  • All ages

Indoors or outdoors, charades is perfect for a family reunion of any size, in any location. Charades is perfect for whatever theme your family settles on – celebrities, family memories, traits of the kids or cousins, or random topics.

Charades has that classic family reunion feel that is full of laughs and can’t be taken too seriously.

Family Reunion Game #8: Family Trivia

Why We Love It

  • Perfect for bonding
  • Make it your own
  • All ages
  • Indoors/outdoors

Go one step beyond trivia with your family reunion games and play family trivia instead. Find the planners or creatives of your family and design a trivia game based on family history, traits, and more. This is a great way to catch up on the last year’s worth of activities and celebrations, learn about one another, and have a fun competitive game with small prizes at the end.

This is great for indoors, outdoors, during meal times, or just relaxing around the table. You can even have family members submit trivia tidbits leading up to the planning so you are well prepared with quirky and new bits of information.

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Family Reunion Game #9: Family Bingo

Why We Love It

  • Unique
  • Easy
  • All day play

Family bingo is a great way to keep everyone involved all day long with your family reunion games. Family get togethers are best when you pick up on classic habits that never fail. 

Create bingo cards centered on articles of clothing, habits, famous family phrases, and more. Create several prizes so multiple people can keep winning all day.

Family Reunion Game #10: Board Games

Why We Love It

  • Great for collectors
  • Everyone knows how to play
  • Perfect indoor game

You don’t always need unique family activities for your family reunion games, sometimes you just need the classic board games to fall back on. Pick up Monopoly, Life, or any other classic you remember playing as a kid or that your kids love.

Our Maryland family reunion venue has covered seating and indoor venue space, perfect for putting a board game at every table so people can pick up games all day as they please.

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Family Reunion Game #11: Puzzles

Why We Love It

  • Custom
  • Glue it and take it home
  • Easy and stress free planning

If your family is more relaxing and chill, or you’re looking for family reunion games for the less active members of the family, pick up or customize some family puzzles.

Whether you turn a favorite photograph into a puzzle or pick up some premade ones, puzzles are a great way to stay busy while catching up. Plus, anyone can play these while the more active family members are running relay races.

Family Reunion Game #12: Two Truths and a Lie

Why We Love It

  • No prep needed
  • Bonding
  • Great for during dinner conversation

Another great indoor family reunion game is two truths and a lie: have everyone write these down or say them aloud and guess which is a lie and what are truths.

These are fun ways to discover new parts about your family, bond, and test everyone’s knowledge of everyone else.

Family Reunion Game #13: Ring Toss

Why We Love It

  • Easy to set up
  • Endless play
  • Play all day

Another great summer camp classic that you can set and forget is a ring toss game. Collect bottles leading up to your family reunion or ask your family reunion venue if they have some you can use.

Bottles and rings can be bought for an affordable price from almost any game retailer. Play indoors or outdoors and see if you can beat your personal best record alongside your family.

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